Healing Therapies & Well Being Sessions

Howard Trained at the European Shiatsu School in London, and has worked at Ealing and Chelsea & Westminster hospitals as a Shiatsu Practitioner for 22 years. He has taught Shiatsu to nurses and doctors at Ealing Hospital and Thames Valley University.

He currently runs the Avalon Community Centre.

Shiatsu with Howard Malpas MRSP

Venue- Avalon Community Centre
1, King Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9JX

Cost: £35.00 Concessions £25.00

Allow 1 ½ hours of your time.

For details or to book: 07977 935633

email: avaloncentre@hotmail.com

Well Being Glastonbury Healing Hub


Well Being Glastonbury Healing Hub offers complementary therapies from local therapists, for free or optional contribution, to promote greater well-being for all.

We meet on the first Wednesday of the month, 1.30 to 4.30 pm – 45 minute sessions by donation, at the Avalon Community Centre.

We offer: Reiki, Sound Healing, Tuning Fork Therapy, Hawaiian Temple Healing and Shamanic Healing.

REIKI – a Universal life force energy that translates as the wisdom and Knowledge of the Universe. Reiki energy is all knowing and understands the need for, and cause of, all problems and difficulties and how to heal them.

SOUND HEALING – an ancient healing system practised for hundreds of years. Vibrations from a range of instruments help relieve stress and anxiety, dissolve trauma and bring deep relaxation by releasing energy blockages that are causing dis-ease in the body. It can help improve both physical and emotional well-being.

TUNING FORK THERAPY – benefits of tuning fork therapy include release of muscle tension, deep relaxation and increase in vital life energy flow. This therapy also creates an overall sense of wellbeing by raising of the spirits.

HAWAIIAN TEMPLE HEALING – an ancient Hawaiian hands- on technique. This practice energises, balances and moves energy around the body. It clears out old stagnant energy and opens up the meridians; it also activates the thymus gland and leaves you feeling wonderfully centred and energised.

SHAMANIC HEALING – is a deep powerful sacred practice. My intention is to connect and seek guidance to work with my spirit helpers and find the root cause of the clients issue. I then use different shamanic techniques like cord cutting, past life healing, power/soul retrieval, to find the issue/ailment or stuck emotion. Finally I use different techniques, directing and reweaving the energy centres in the body and then a healing energy is channelled to the client. Reported benefits of these therapies include stress, anxiety and depression reduction and improved general well being.

For further information and to book: 07704 976436
or email wellbeingglastonbury@gmail.com

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For Room availability and booking enquiries, please contact:

Tel: Howard 07977 935633

Email: avaloncentre@hotmail.com

Address: 1 King Street

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